Budget-Friendly Dining Room Updates From Expert Designers

We asked. They answered. Expert designers share what to buy if you only have $200.

Add Color to the Table

M. Grace Sielaff, M. Grace Designs Inc.: Here are my top designer tips for creating a dining room that is low cost yet beautiful and functional.

1. Wrinkle-resistant dining chair slipcovers make all the difference in terms of color and can be purchase for under $25 a chair.

2. Add paint to a wall. I prefer a creamy sage green color and depending on the brand, one gallon of paint ranges from $18 to $30.

3. Cut decorative glittery crepe or gift-wrapping paper in the shape of a circle, and use as replacements for doilies and placemats. The price: only $4!

4. Add a captivating floral arrangement, which can be done for around $60.

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