Dining on Design

A sophisticated, modern dining room is perfect for this Libra and Capricorn pair.

  • Tim and his partner, Chris, live on the Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City. As a Libra, Chris loves balance and flow in a room, but he's taken over the space with his own look. Capricorn Tim is ready to get rid of the ceiling fan and window treatment, plus he wants more influence in the design.
  • Color is the first step to transforming this room. The What's Your Sign? Design team chooses a Capricorn dark blue for the walls and a Libra-inspired gold for the ceiling.
  • Chris is a crafty Libra who's found a creative way to keep his partner Tim out of the dining room for the last eight years.
  • To create flow throughout the space, they use a Lucite table base with a glass tabletop and surround it with four Lucite chairs.
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