Incredible Makeovers From Designing for the Sexes

Host Rick Rifle helps couples find a compromise when their differing styles keep them from finishing their design projects

  • Sheri and Derek have two very different styles in mind to update their 1970s kitchen. He wants a modern look, while she envisions a traditional, warm feel.
  • Host Rick Rifle finds a compromise for the couple by keeping the galley look in the kitchen while adding a pantry. Sheri gets a double sink and wood cabinets that will allow her more storage and Derek receives the stainless steel appliances and track lighting he wanted.
  • Derek's idea of the perfect kitchen includes stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, slate floors and recessed lighting; however, Sheri is looking for white tile, a larger double oven, wood floors and painted cabinets.
  • The couple agrees on a solid surface countertop, a modern look for the cabinets and travertine flooring.
  • Julie and Ricco are ready to transform the dining room in their 1920s Spanish-style bungalow. However, their styles are on opposite sides of the table.
  • Rick attempts to bridge this design gap by painting one accent wall a metallic red for Lucy while keeping the other walls neutral with a shimmery beige for Ricco.
  • Julie wants the dining room to take on a romantic feel with deep reds, traditional furnishings. However, Ricco likes the current neutral tones and is afraid of making the room too dark. He prefers more modern furniture with sleek lines.
  • They find a table and sideboard in a warm, darker wood for Julie with sleek lines to satisfy Ricco. Neutral gold and beige-striped draperies and an elegant chandelier give the space a simple yet romantic touch. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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