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Make a Holiday Candleholder Out of Ice

Brighten up the outdoors with easy and inexpensive votive holders made from ice, cranberries and a few household items.

Tools and Materials:
plastic bucket
tall glass
rocks or other heavy items to weight down the glass
votive candle


1. Fill the bucket with water a couple inches below the desired height, make sure you allow for displacement.

2. Place rocks inside the glass. Place the glass in the center of the bucket. The glass will create a void where you will later place the candle.

3. Drop fresh cranberries into the water, they will float.

4. Freeze the bucket until the water turns to ice.

5. Hold the outside of bucket under hot water to loosen the glass then pop it out of the center.

6. Place candle in the center hole where the glass used to be and light.

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