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Rustic Holiday Twig Wreath

Who said wreaths have to be round or even green? This rustic rectangular wreath uses materials from your own backyard and is a snap to create.

This project is part of HGTV's eight easy Christmas crafts to create.

Materials and Tools:

leafless branches
thin-gauge wire
fresh evergreens
berry sprays (fresh or faux)
small faux green apples
red-and-white gingham ribbon
large white chipboard or foam-core letters (J,O,Y)


1. Gather bare branches from the backyard and cut to create whatever size wreath you wish. Overlap corners of branches to create a rectangle, then secure corners by wrapping them with wire.

2. Wire evergreen bunches and berry sprays onto corners of wreath. Top with small green apples and gingham ribbon bows attached with hot glue.

3. Add ribbon to the back of large letters to spell "Joy" and suspend them from top of wreath.

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