Behind the Scenes Pics: Endless Yard Sale '09

Meet the teams, the hosts and members of the crew, and get a glimpse of the action that you didn't see on television.

  • Show producers Michael and Chris flank expert Elyse Luray and host Steven Lee. And yes, that camera is as heavy as it looks. All photos by Michele Bolen.
  • Tanya and Joann, Team Mom & Daughter, take a break from haggling to smile for the program director's camera.
  • Team Brothers, Aaron and Joel, flashed these pearly whites as they navigated the Endless Yard Sale.
  • In the first challenge of the competition, Team Brothers and Team Teachers wait beside their finds for a chance to win extra cash along the route.
  • Standing beside an antique storage chest are Sarah and Kellie a.k.a Team Teachers. The pair picked this piece for a head-to-head appraisal challenge.
  • Fellow bargain hunters gather to watch the teams battle in their first challenge, shot in Clarkrange, Tenn. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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