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5 Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home This Fall

It's going to be you against millions of microbial allergens. Here, tips for helping you keeping dust mites, mold and other pesky allergens at bay.

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Ensure that your ductwork is sealed. You don't want your heating system to pull in air from dusty or moldy places.

  • When you first turn on the heat, get out of the house. The first seasonal use of the heater belches out an eruption of dust.
  • If central heat dust is a problem, consider a space heater in the rooms of dust-sensitive people.

    Remake your bedroom. Dust mites love it there. Washing their bedding habitat in hot water kills them, but their larvae live on, requiring weekly washing.

  • Protect bedding and box springs with allergen-impermeable encasements.
  • Wash blankets and pillows monthly, then wipe down the bed frame and coils.

    Ban outside agitators. Falling leaves are full of mold spores, so wear a mask when raking and shower afterward.

  • Clean out gutters and keep the foundation around your house clear of brush and bushes to promote drainage.

    Suck the life out of mold. Moisture means mold, so correct any water damage in the home.

  • Fix leaky pipes and repair any spots where water can get in.
  • Use a separate dehumidifier in any area of your home that smells musty, empty the holding tank daily and clean coils and reservoir weekly.

    Life with plants. When you bring your plants in to overwinter, their mold spore friends are coming along.

  • Limit yourself to a few houseplants and don’t overwater them.
  • Get rid of terrariums and large potted plants.

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