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How to Make Old-Fashioned Soap

Tap into the sweet benefits of homemade aromatherapy products with these step-by-step instructions.

Scented soaps can be made simply by microwaving unscented glycerin, adding a dash of food coloring and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and pouring into molds. Soap molds can be purchased or you can use what you have handy: a Popsicle tray, Jell-O molds, a milk carton or tuna fish can. Let soap harden for a few hours.

For layered soap, pour in one color/fragrance, let harden slightly, top off mold with a second color/scent. For texture, sprinkle in dried lavender, calendula or rosebuds right after or before pouring the mixture.

Carol Duvall and Kelly Reno, of Victorian Essence, cooked up these soap recipes:

  • Coffee and Cream Soap has a deep brown color and a rich coffee scent. Add one tsp. of espresso, one tsp. of powdered milk and 10 drops of coffee fragrance oil to the glycerin before pouring into a mold.

  • To make Lemon Loofah Soap, add one tsp. powdered loofah, 15 drops of lemon oil and one drop of yellow food coloring to the glycerin before pouring.

  • Grind 1/3 cup dried oats and mix with 15 drops of raspberry fragrance oil and a drop of red food coloring for Raspberry Oatmeal Soap.

Photo by Charles Brooks

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