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Sow These Veggies Directly Into the Garden

Q. Which vegetables have to be sown directly into the garden? I want to start my pole beans indoors so they get a good head start.

A. Some veggies do best when sown directly into the garden, rather than starting them indoors. Whether bush or pole types, beans are best planted directly into the garden, once the weather has warmed up. And especially for pole beans, which are very fast growers, starting them indoors would mean that they'd be too large and unwieldy to move outdoors.

Wait until after the last frost date to sow the beans. They are heat-lovers, and they don't do well in cold soil. Some other plants that are best sown directly are peas, nasturtiums, carrots, corn and sunflowers.

Squash-family vegetables are also fast growers and can be sown directly into the garden. Or you can start them indoors just three or four weeks before the last frost date.

Good luck!

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