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Square Window Wreath with Candle

Build a two-sided window wreath to welcome in the holidays.

From the outside, your guests will see a candle within a wooden frame, and on the inside, the candle will be surrounded by elegant greenery.

Tools and Materials:

magnolia leaves
1x4 pieces of pine
wood glue
floral foam
staining rags
floral scissors
eye hooks
plant hooks
battery-powered candle
miter saw (chop saw)
brad nailer


1. Cut, nail and glue four pieces of wood together to form a box.

2. Cut nail and glue together another box — this one four inches smaller than the first.

3. Stain both boxes.

4. Center the smaller box inside the bigger one, lie both boxes down and nail four pieces of wood to the top covering both pieces.

5. Flip the box over and insert four pieces of floral foam inside. Nail or glue into place.

6. Using floral scissors, cut magnolia leaves to fit into floral foam. Insert all the way around in one direction.

7. Add hooks to the top and hang with ribbon.

8. Place candle into center.

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