Cherry Creek's 2008 Holiday Window Display

Cherry Creek's displays combine a winter wonderland with wacky stress-reducing machines.

  • Lonnie Hanzon, the creative director for the Museum of Outdoor Arts, creates holiday windows in Denver's trendy Cherry Creek North shopping district.
  • Since the holidays can be very stressful, Hanzon takes a humorous look at the season. His winter wonderland workshop is full of wacky machines that get people through the stress of the holidays with their sense of humor intact.
  • Hanzon's whimsical machines have answers for all of your holiday woes. There's a "Tele-porter" to get you there fast, a "No, Without Guilt" machine, a "Worry Wringer" to wring out all your worries into happiness and some friendly "Do" and "Don't" reminder machines.
  • The holiday windows are a collection of bright lights and bold colors that create eye candy for spectators. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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