Macy's Chicago Holiday Windows Display for 2008

A whimsical Christmas factory is the setting for Macy's fun and playful displays.

  • Macy's started the tradition of Christmas windows back in 1862, and in addition to creating the New York City displays, designer Paul Olszewski also designed windows for the Chicago Macy's. For this window, Santa inspects all the holiday items that have been created in the windows.
  • This year's theme is of a whimsical factory, where all things Christmas are made. In this window, fairies turn the Northern Lights into ribbon for packages and decorations.
  • Olszewski's windows show the secrets of how Christmas is created. Here, fairies turn bubbles from the lake into beautiful ornaments.
  • No Christmas tree is complete without lights. In a factory below the city, tiny creatures make holiday bulbs that will be sent to Santa for inspection.
  • In bird's eye view of Chicago, "Chirpadees" turn into snowflakes and parachute their way into the city.
  • The Bubblemakers add wisdom and courage to the bubbles before they go off to Santa for a final inspection. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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