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Storage Bench with Circular Seating

Old shelving units are flipped on their side and repurposed into a storage bench.

Materials and Tools:

nail gun
jig saw
two small melamine storage racks
one roll silver vinyl adhesive paper
drawer pulls
medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
white spray paint

Figure A


1. Configure the base of your bench. We secured two melamine storage racks together to create our bench.

2. Cut 2x4s and add to base creating storage underneath.

3. Spray paint one side of the Plexiglas.

4. Secure Plexiglas to MDF panels (same dimensions as Plexiglas) using drawer pulls. These will be used as the front doors.

5. Edge doors using silver vinyl adhesive paper.

6. Attach one door using hinges then attach other door using the sliders.

7. Cut the MDF panel to size for the top of the bench.

8. Wrap the top piece with batting and fabric.

9. Cut three circles out of the MDF. wrap them with batting and fabric.

Figure B

10. Attach fabric circles to the top piece. Attach top to base to create seating.

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