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Glowing Votive Place Card

Add a golden glow to your guests' place settings with these easy-to-create tabletop accessories.

Materials and Tools:

gold glass votives (one for each place setting)
thin gold wire
small gold embellishments
gold card stock
black paint pen or permanent marker
votive candle


1. Wrap gold wire around the top of each votive, threading on small gold embellishments and twisting the wire together as you go.

2. To create the holder for the place card, make several wire loops to resemble the petals of a flower and wire these to the top of the votive.

3. Cut place card out of card stock and add guest's name with paint pen or marker. Slide card into holder created by flower's wire loops. Insert and light votive candle. Create one votive per guest, and place lit votives next to each guest's plate.

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