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Tamales Spice Up Christmas Table

Holiday dining gains flavor with this traditional Tex-Mex classic.

Try traditional tamales for a holiday entree.

In San Antonio and many other Southwestern cities, this traditional Mexican food has always been a favorite for winter holiday occasions.


tamale shucks (corn husks)
premade masa (regular, low-fat, sweet)
shredded pork (may substitute beef or beans)
optional: other fillings may include spinach or other vegetables


1. Boil the tamale shucks to soften them before rolling.

2. Wet a soup spoon. Scoop up some masa and spread it onto the shuck using the backside of the spoon, starting from the widest part of the shuck.

3. Spread pork (or other fillings) on top of the masa.

4. Roll the tamale together and fold the ends in. Place all tamales on a platter to prepare them for steaming.

5. Once all tamales are rolled, place them inside large stockpot with a few inches of water on the bottom. Stack tamales in an upside-down V-shape. The openings of tamales should face upward.

6. Place a moist towel over the top to hold the moisture in. Cover with pot and cook for 90 minutes.

7. Remove tamales from corn husks and serve.

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