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Hip CD Ornament

Create this cool holiday ornament with two discs and a bit of bling. This is a great Christmas craft to make with kids.

Materials and Tools:

2 CDs
permanent black marker
safety glasses
craft glue
dark gray card stock
faux gems


1. Draw cross design onto front of CD with a permanent marker. Wearing safety glasses, cut out cross shape. Cut wedge shapes out of a second CD.

2. Attach wedges to back (prismatic) side of CD cross with craft glue, allowing the edges of the wedges to overlap the cross. This will be the front of the ornament.

3. Cut a circle out of the dark gray card stock and attach this to the center of the CD, covering the hole in the middle. Embellish card stock with faux gems; add a ribbon to the back of the ornament and hang on Christmas tree for a hip holiday decoration.

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