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How to Install a Rain Chain

Add charm to your home's exterior with rain chains.

Replace that plain old downspout with a decorative rain chain. On this patio, the chain hangs down inside a planter box where it is fed into a PVC pipe that carries the water out to an existing drain.

Materials and Tools:

basic hand tools
masonry bits
hole saw bit (circle cutter bit)
rain chain
miscellaneous PVC fittings
planter box


1. Remove the downspout or cut a hole in gutter where you want to hang the rain chain. Use a hole saw bit to make the cut.

2. Assemble the rain chain according to manufacturer instructions then hang it from the gutter.

3. Cut a hole in the back side of planter box the same diameter as your PVC pieces.

4. Place the planter box under the rain chain. Run the PVC pieces through the planter box. Inside the box, place an elbow piece facing up so the rain chain can be placed inside. On the outside of the box run the PVC to an existing drain or catch basin.

5. Place the rain chain into the PVC. Run a hose down the gutter near the rain chain to make sure the water flows correctly.

6. Fill the planter box with soil and plants.

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