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Dress Up Your Kitchen for Fall

Design expert Joan Steffend brings autumnal style to a kitchen and dining room.

The kitchen has an elegant summer design, with classic wallpaper and large floral arrangements. With the help of interior designer Richard Anderson, however , the design will stay classic but be punctuated with some unexpected elements: garden statuary, pheasant feathers and a sink plunger. The project will be completed for a cost under $250.

With its formal wallpaper and black and white design, the kitchen and dining area currently lacks a sense of warmth — not so necessary in the heat of summer, but a welcome change come fall. Anderson begins with the chandelier, making it a focal point by draping a dried eucalyptus swag and some artificial autumn leaves and apples around the hanging light fixture.

The effect worked so well on the light fixture that Anderson and Steffend use a similar strategy on a rustic oversized candelabra, wrapping it with preserved fall leaves and wheat sheaves tied with raffia. Two white candles are replaced with deeper spice-toned ones, and the third candleholder is topped with an antique felt hat, just for fun.

The glass top table in the dining area gets a fresh look with inexpensive peel-and-stick leaf appliques. Usually applied to windows for decoration, they work perfectly when applied on the underside of the tabletop.

For some extra comfort and a splash of color, throw pillows from the living room were covered in quilted fabric remnants in rich tones of green and umber, a good complement to the homeowner's traditional style. Then a potting table was brought in from the porch to function as a side bar in the kitchen. Draped with a Navaho rug and topped with primitive accessories, the table now serves as an eclectic serving area.

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