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How to Build Slatted Room Dividers

Add a geometric touch to a small space by building slatted room dividers.

Contemporary geometric room dividers can help define a narrow room. Here's how to build a folding version and a spiral version:

Materials and Tools:

circular saw
measuring tape
protective eyewear
2-by-1-inch birch plywood slats
booker rods
wood stain

Steps for spiral divider:

1. Stain the boards to match the design of the space.

2. After staining the slats, drill a hole in the center of each slat. Make sure the hole you drill is wide enough to fit the booker rod through.

3. Stack the slats, alternating stain hues when placing them on the booker rod.

4. Arrange the slats in a spiral pattern for an interesting architectural detail.

5. Attach the spiral divider to the ceiling by the booker rod. Fasten it to a joist, or pre-attach a timber block to the ceiling.

Steps for folding divider:

1. Stain the boards to match the design of the space.

2. Drill holes through the ends of the slats. We made a jig to ensure that all holes would line up.

3. Using two booker rods, stack the slats horizontally to create three sections.

4. When stacking the slats, use 1-inch spacers on the ends of the divider to keep the slats aligned.

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