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Wooden Walkway to Home Gym

Steve Watson and the Don't Sweat It crew replace a worn out brick path with a stylish wooden boardwalk.

Homeowners Thomas and Aisha have a gym in their garage, but the current exterior path leading to it is made of worn pavers. The walkway itself is in disrepair and dangerous. Steve Watson and the Don't Sweat It team have just the solution in the form of a stylized wooden walkway to the gym.

Materials and Tools:

cellular PVC decking (120 sq. ft.)
pressure treated decking (80 linear ft.)
Solar lighting
circular saw
electric miter saw
reinforcing bar
dead-blow hammer
jig saw
marking spray
measuring tape
safety glasses

Before: The path to the home gym had seen better days and, with uneven pavers, was a sprained ankle waiting to happen.


1. First, clear all debris and old pavers, brick and stones.

2. Use marking spray to lay out the design and shape of the desired path. This path is roughly 33 feet long and 3 feet wide.

3. Since the path is going to curve, we put down the framing at angles then cut the decking boards to fit. First level the area by digging out any unnecessary dirt. We added weed-block fabric beneath the frames to prevent weeds growing up through the walk.

4. The framing will be roughly 30 inches wide with a center stud, and be made from pressure treated 2x4's. Once the frames are completed, we stake them down with 18" rebar. Cut all the boards and nail together using a framing nailer.

5. Cut the decking to overlap the frames and screw down with decking screws.

6. Trace the cut edge and drag the board down the length of the path. Cut along the marked line.

The outdoor lighting adds visual accemt as well as added safety for walking the path at night.

7. Spread mulch around any applicable areas and smooth to give a nice aesthetic appeal.

8. Drop in some exterior-grade solar lighting and enjoy your new walkway

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