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How to Create Diamond-Shaped Ceiling Art

The crew builds a louvered ceiling medallion to add architectural interest to an adjoining living and dining room.

Materials and Tools:

circular saw
nail gun
tape measure
chalk line
wood blocks
paint or wood stain


1. Measure the room to determine the size of your ceiling fixtures.
2. Put on protective eyewear. Using a circular saw, cut blocks of wood on a 35-degree angle to create the shuttered slats.
3. To determine the placement on the ceiling, lay out the design on the floor below. This ensures strategic placement for the best results.
4. Using a nail gun, build the frame for the diamond shape.

Start with the center slat then build out each side.

5. Nail the center slat in first.

6. Lay out the slats on one side, all angled in the same direction. Use a circular saw to trim the pieces as needed. Once the layout is like you want it, use a nail gun to secure slats in place.

You can see the ceiling through the louvered slats depending on which side of the diamond you are standing under.

7. Repeat step 6 for the second side. Lay the slates so they are angled opposite the first side.

8. Stain or paint the fixture to match the design of the room.
9. After the fixture is dry, attach it to the ceiling using a nail gun. Remember to check the correct placement using a tape measure.

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