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How to Repair a Fence and Gate

Steve Watson and the Don't Sweat It crew do some fence and gate mending as part of a high-speed home makeover.

Tara Wohlgemuth says her husband Jon thinks of himself as handy, but once he gets started on a project, he has trouble finishing it. One example is the repair to their fence and gate. For the second project in this home-improvement upgrade, Steve Watson and the Don't Sweat It team step in to help finish the job.

Project 2: Fence and Gate Repair

Materials and Tools:

electric miter saw
safety glasses
table saw
tape measure


1. First measure the total area that the fence will span and divide by two. Our fence structure will be divided in the middle, so we constructed two identical sides.

2. Build the gate to match the fence in style and dimensions. To ensure the gate stays square, use diagonal spacers to hold the shape.

3. We attached one end of the fence to the house using lag bolts, and the other to the retaining wall using concrete anchors.

4. With the fence and gate secure, the next step is to attach the gate hardware.

5. Finally, we opted to stain the fence and gate using a dark wood stain that accented the home exterior.

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