Contemporary Classic Backyard

Host Matt James uses a combination of sleek granite and old brick to transform this space into a contemporary oasis where the couple can spend time with their new arrival.

After: Sophisticated Space

A once dark and uninviting courtyard has been turned into a modern, but child-friendly, private sanctuary. Matt's original design called for a trellis system along the main brick wall, but it was replaced with teak planter boxes after they discovered the old brick wall wouldn't support the trellis anchors. The boxes, planted with boxwood (Buxus sempervirens), create a natural evergreen privacy screen. The new brick retaining wall contains a variety of shade-loving perennials, including anemone, hosta, ivy and ferns, with climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris) ready to climb up the wall. The existing birch has been uplighted so Cleve and Megan can enjoy the tree’s architecture and their new garden into the evening hours.

teak planters - Chelsea Garden Center
granite pavers - Extech Industries
reclaimed brick - Moon River Chattel
30" round folding table and folding side chairs - Teak, Wicker & More
skyscraper planters - Simply Planters
lighting - Intermatic


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    • Jon Feldman
      Landscape Designer
      G. Biloba Garden Environments
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