Worldly Home Office

A bare second bedroom with no architectural detail, color or personality becomes a cozy den/office with a worldly design.

Before: Space Issues

These homeowners want a cozy feel in their home office/guest room. The Design on a Dime team uses worldly influences to turn Nipesh and Priti Patels' second bedroom into a den with a well-traveled flare. They use the Patel's photos and souvenirs to create a new style for a workstation, a unique wall treatment and a customized coffee table.

The room has two big pieces of furniture, the bed and the desk, which take up most of the floor space. Other than those items, the room is bare. The homeowners want a den where they can hang out and also still be able to accommodate guests when needed. They want the room to be colorful and become a space that is personalized and lively.

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