Sophisticated Safari Office

A cluttered, cramped space goes semi-wild as a sophisticated safari office.

After: Serious Fun

Paint contractor Danielle Hirsch uses cheesecloth to dab on paint in the stencils she and McAloon made. Hirsch applies a coat of glaze to bring the base coat and spot colors together. She creates a mix using one part darker brown paint, one part water and two parts glaze medium. The translucent layer is a great way to seal the paint and protect the treatment.

For added depth and dimension in the room, McAloon removes the closet door to create open storage. It gives the effect of a room within a room. She also removes the shelves from the wall, makes a cushion out of foam and the fabric and creates a window seat. Shelving placed at eye level makes storage the visual focus on a wall. Placing the shelving under the window provides seating for clients and highlights the natural setting.

paint: ceiling (1044 Lighthouse Landing), spots (1047 Deer Landing), wall (1046 Sandy Brown) – Benjamin Moore

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