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Wine Rack Shelving Unit

Vertically stacked wine racks are a great solution for storage, while still saving space. Get step-by-step instructions for this project from Get It Together.

Materials and Tools:

sheet of clear acrylic, like Plexiglas
under-mount puck lighting
wood stain
sealer top coat
paint brushes
nail gun
orbital sander
wood filler

Note: Ventilation is absolutely key when using halogen puck lights in a small contained space like this, so an experienced electrician is needed.


1. Measure the area and cut 1x12s to desired size. For this project, their steps were 8-1/2-inches deep, so they could get three steps on top of the bench. The steps should be at least that so there is enough support.

2. Use 2x4s ripped down to the appropriate width (in this case 2.25 inches) and cut to length to build each step.

3. Draw and build shelving in equal increments to step up in the area you have designated.

4. Cut out a rectangle three inches wide and just shy the length of the shelf in the middle of each shelf for the sheet of clear acrylic to fit inside.

5. Route out the edges of the cut rectangle to allow for a lip, where the acrylic will sit. Be sure there is full support on all sides of the acrylic piece.

6. Sand and stain all pieces. Let dry. Apply sealer and let dry.

7. Put the shelves and steps together, using a nail gun to secure all pieces. Place acrylic sheet in routed place.

8. To illuminate the shelf, use recessed lighting, according to manufacturer's instructions and local electrical codes, in the bottom shelf where you place the wine rack.

9. After the electrical component is complete, use wood filler to touch up as necessary.

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