Which Landscapers' Challenge Design Would You Choose?

There's never just one way to landscape a yard. In every episode of Landscapers' Challenge, the homeowner has the tough job of choosing the best of three great design plans. Would you have made the same decision?

  • The back garden is a narrow, messy space filled with overgrown plants.
  • Design plan by Guy Williams.
  • Design plan by David and Christy Boswell.
  • Design plan by David Lindoerfer.
  • The small patio is transformed into a circular and sophisticated space.
  • The views from this home are amazing but this couple has nowhere to enjoy them from.
  • Design plan by Joanne Kostecky.
  • Design plan by Brian Waltersdorf.
  • Design plan by Christian Brown.
  • The couple chose Christian Brown to transform their empty lawn into an elegant space for dining, relaxing and informal entertaining.
  • Overgrown shrubs and old neglected projects make this outdoor space an eyesore.
  • Design plan by Mike Welch and Steve Jones.
  • Design plan by Patti Ferner and Paul Kroger.
  • Design plan by Melanie Mackenzie.
  • The new landscape design incorporates a new pool and plenty of play space.
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