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The Greening of Clay and Cork

Carter Oosterhouse, host of Carter Can, shows how to use clay and cork in eco-friendly and stylish room makeovers.

Clay is a naturally green product that is a healthier alternative to gypsum, cement, acrylic, and lime plaster. Clay comes from non-toxic oxides and ochre mineral pigments, reducing the amount of toxins that can be released into the air from other materials. In this project, clay was used to resurface the outdated and dingy fireplace.

Cork is a sustainable product harvested from just the bark of cork trees, leaving the tree itself undamaged. About a third of the trunk is stripped every nine years for its cork bark, and the tree then regenerates new bark. It’s a great alternative to carpet or wall paneling, and is much softer than standard hardwoods. This project used cork wall panels to update the look of a living room.

Product Information for Items Used in This Room Makeover:

American Clay LOMA plaster (primer sanded walltooth, pigment group 2-Acacia) — Livin Green
Anno Inez curtain panel, Glansa Table Lamp, Andrea curtains, Gospel chandelier, Skarp 6-inch clock, Felicia throw, Bomull PC stand, Lotten cushion cover, Granat cushion, Kvartil lantern, Fenomen block candle, Farin 12-inch vase, Oregano tealight holder, Skamt tealight holder, Farm vase, Glimma candle in metal cup, Ribba frame, Fado table lamp, Smycka artificial flowers, Florera candle, Alang floor lamp — IKEA
teal floral block print micro-jute rug (item # 391314); Round Seagrass Placemat-Sets of 6 (item #388328), Blue Mehndi Embroidered Curtains (item #389474), Espresso Ledge (2-foot, item #3750704); Espresso Ledge (3-foot item #375088); Espresso Ledge (4-foot item #375076) — Cost Plus World Market
cork (Nova Flooring Murano #820) —
pineapple 3-piece antique candleholder (item #850278); velvet pillow with feather fill (item #850026); column 3 piece olive candle holder (item #850281) — Anna's Linens
accent table, solar lights, bamboo, bead chair — Wal-Mart
brass label holder (brushed nickel item #R-08BM-2405) — House of Antique Hardware, Inc.


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    • Eco-friendly building materials from Nova Floorings
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