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Green Solution: Natural Linoleum

Carter Oosterhouse explains the many ways natural linoleum is an earth-friendly building material.

Natural linoleum has been a popular choice as a floor covering for over 100 years. It’s made from natural raw materials including linseed oil, rosins and wood flour. Because it's made up of natural materials, the linoleum offers a healthier indoor environment. It has no adverse health issues either during production, use or disposal. The bactericidal properties of natural linoleum stop microorganisms from multiplying, so you often see natural linoleum floors in many hospitals. In addition to the health benefits, the flooring is anti-static, reducing the potential for electric shock. It also makes the floor easier to clean since dust and dirt do not easily adhere to the surface. In this project, natural linoleum was used on the floor in a bathroom.

Product Information for Items Used in this Room Makeover:

Marmoleum natural linoleum flooring (color Rust #767) — Forbo Flooring North America
candle shelving in tub (Boxed Lighting item #8295966); wood and leather vanity stool (item #164665) — Gordman's
beaded sconces (item #429434 #427644 #427658) — T.J. Maxx
vanity mirrors (item #251332); vanity light fixture (Portfolio item #248678); door handles (Rust 3-inch item #247503); drawer pulls (Rust 1-1/3 inch item #247500) — Lowe’s
vase in medicine cabinet (item #180-V172); vanity and sink (K-sink merlot frosted glass bowl #102-3908) — American Furniture Warehouse
paints used on linen tower (patina sealer #44353, acid-blocking primer #44351, metal effect harvest #72550, patina black #44345) — Guiry's
paint (Earthy Ocher #315-5, Sweet Annie #411-5) — Pittsburgh Paints


    • Marmoleum Click Flooring and Marmoleum - Parkett Engineered Hardwood from Forbo Flooring Inc.
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