Jungle Playroom

A cluttered basement is turned in a jungle playroom for two young boys. Plus, get instructions on how to make foam window decorations.

Mountain Cave

The opening of the cave is painted with black chalkboard paint and draped with vines and leaves. The vines are made from decorative piping that was supposed to be on used on the round ottoman. But, the piping was put in the washing machine to dye it green and it got so tangled up, it couldn’t be used for the ottoman. However, the tangled piping very much resembles jungle vines, so it is paired with silk leaves and wrapped around the cave. In front of the cave, a low table gives the boys space to work puzzles, build blocks and play games.


    • Bobby DeLeonibus III
      E-mail: bdeleonibus3@gmail.com
    • Matt Cosgrove
      Carpenter, Cosgrove Carpentry
      We apologize no contact information is available.
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