Swanky Garage Lounge

From minivans to mini-bars, this garage lounge features modular furniture and a bold blue color scheme.

  • The homeowners want the garage to become a cool place to hang out; based on the vibe of their favorite bar in the city, they'd like a monochromatic color scheme to set the tone.
  • The challenge is making a garage feel like a swanky, indoor space.
  • There are some things in a garage that can ruin the ambiance of a space, namely large appliances like a water heater and furnace.
  • The garage is now an extension of the home.
  • The garage cabinetry is gray and outside the monochromatic color scheme.
  • Bring in a few items with a pop of color when doing a monochromatic room to shock the eye and bring the room to life.
  • When stuck with dull architecture, add a sculptural element with lighting fixtures.
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