Swanky Garage Lounge

From minivans to mini-bars, this garage lounge features modular furniture and a bold blue color scheme.

Before: Just What You'd Expect

Ever wanted to use that garage space for something more than parking cars? Homeowners Denise Looney and Paul Koene are hoping for exactly that when they ask host David Bromstad to help them create a hip urban lounge in their suburban garage. Using monochromatic tones of blue, sleek storage and modular couches, he transforms this garage from typical to absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Since moving out to the edges of suburbia, the homeowners have truly missed their urban hangouts. As their neighbors all tend to entertain in their garages, the homeowners are determined to have the coolest garage on the block. Looking around, it's clear they are going to need plenty of storage.

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