Superhero Attic Playroom

A stark-white playroom is transformed into a combination superheroes liar and a rainforest hideaway.

Family of Superheroes

Each member of the family has their own superhero identity. The three heroes on the left are Matthew and his brothers. They are "Morphin’ Boy," "Teleporter" and "Captain Spark." Their dad is on the left side of the window, he is "Super Dad" who can zoom quickly from here to there. Mom is in the right corner. She is the multi-tasker superhero with extra arms who can do everything at once. A storage nook is built over the existing window bench. The toys bins are tucked into the nook and kept out of sight with small gold curtains.


    • Kevin Perez
      Artist, Designer
    • Matt Cosgrove
      Carpenter, Cosgrove Carpentry
      We apologize no contact information is available.
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