Yuletide Style

Classic style tips for the holidays and everyday.

Before: Need a Focal Point

The Gerrity family live in a quiet residential neighborhood. When the holidays roll around their street is known as "Candy Cane Lane" because everyone on the block decorates in a big way. The Gerrity family would like to bring that outdoor holiday cheer into their home. Lucky for them, designer Angelo Surmelis and the festive 24 Hour Design team have plenty of yuletide spirit and design ideas to go around.

The homeowners need help with the layout of their combination living, dining and family room. The mismatched furniture has no real design style. Flow is also an issue; the living room and family room don’t blend together or transition into one another very well. The homeowners love having a large fireplace in the living room, but they feel it needs a new look so it will stand out more.

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