An Unforgettable Holiday

A recent widower wants to give his two young sons a brighter, more festive home for holidays.

  • Host Joan Steffend and designers Shayne Barness, Kelli Kaufer, and Robb Whittlef join forces to give the family home a very special makeover for the holidays.
  • First, designer Shayne Barsness tackles the living/dining room.
  • Christmas tree stands are placed inside galvanized buckets then filled with rocks to serve as dog-proof tree holders.
  • The windows are then adorned with festive holiday garland.
  • The boys don their best winter wear to create photos that showcases their striking eyes.
  • One wall is personalized with some of Mom’s favorite phrases as a reminder of her spirit.
  • Designer Robb Whittlef creates special holiday plates for the family.
  • Polka dot letters personalize these bar stools.
  • Special "boy art" is created for the dining room.
  • Designer Kelli Kaufer choose a color palette that is both comforting and masculine.
  • A modern style, layered headboard is crafted from a variety of materials.
  • The family dog is the subject of a unique piece of holiday wall art.


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