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How to Build a Sports Score Board

Keep track of your home games with this custom-built score board from Design on a Dime.


backer board
scrolling message board
white paint
grey chalkboard paint
green spray paint
two 2x4s
rope lights
trim pieces
letter and sports stickers
small staples


circular saw
wood glue
nail gun


1. Cut two 2x3 pieces of backer board for a top and bottom piece.
2. For the top piece, use the jigsaw to cut two equal size squares and one center rectangle to allow for scores and names to be written in. Spray paint the piece green.
3. Paint the bottom piece of backer board with grey chalkboard paint.
4. Overlay the two pieces together with the cut out piece on top and attach using wood glue and small staples.

Figure A

5. Use the 2x4s to create an exterior shell frame with a cove for hidden rope light (figure A). Paint white.

6. Attach the backer pieces to the u-shaped frame using a nail gun.
7. Use u-tacks to add rope lights to the inside of the frame.
8. Install a scrolling message board at the top of the frame and secure in place.
9. Construct a front frame piece to fit around the message board to give it a built-in look.
10. Add finishing molding around cutouts. Decorate the scoreboard using lettering and soccer stickers.
11. Mount the score board to the wall and plug in.

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