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Grapevine Arbor and Trellis

An arbor makes an ideal addition for this beachside home.

The project home for this episode already has a partially built trellis in the backyard. Steve Watson and his crew finish the trellis and extend it to the house exterior with the addition of an arbor.

Materials and Tools:

2x6 lumber (12-ft. lengths; 12)
4x4 lumber (12-ft. lengths; 6)

air compressor with hoses
framing nailer
impact driver
palm nailer
power miter box
angle finder
cordless drill and socket adapters
socket set
measuring tape
safety glasses

We'll created a new arbor to match the partially completed old one, extending the new addition to bring the arbor as close to the house as possible. Here's a summary of the basic steps.

1. Set the posts and main beam. Set two 4x4 posts, one on each side of the door. Between these posts, run two 2x6's, cut to the width of the arbor you designed. These will serve as your main beam. The two ribbon beams will be attached to this beam.

2. Set the ribbon beams. On each end of the main beam, attach a ribbon beam (the 2x8's) cut to fit between the main beam and the existing arbor. Use joist hangers to attach.

3. Set the purlins .The purlins are the pieces that run between the two ribbon joists. These purlin joists are going to be what holds up the grapevine.

Attach the 2x6 purlins to the ribbon joists on 24" centers by nailing thru the ribbon joist, then adding a joist hanger on each end.

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