Colorful Contemporary Office Redesign

This homeowner wants a bright and cheerful home office where she can tutor students. Learn how to transform a long, narrow, chaotic room with the Design Remix team.

Gingham Desk

Kim has tried to give this desk away many times over the years; now she's glad it didn't go. Paint contractor Danielle Hirsch creates a Gingham check pattern using a strie paint technique. She starts by rolling on primer and then brushing away the pock marks from the roller, it's quicker than just brushing on the paint. She tapes out her pattern and applies the horizontal coats of watered down paint with a paint pad. She then dry brushes the stripes to add more streaks, creating a fabric-like texture. Once the paint is dried, she tapes out the crossways pattern and repeats the painting in a vertical line. The result is a very lively teacher's desk.

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