Urban Style Living

Cities offer all the best of culture and a vibrant lifestyle. But when faced with minimal square footage, many homeowners extend an urban style to their tiny dwellings.

  • Suvalsky chose a bold, deep color for the living room wall.
  • This modest office actually has two workspaces.
  • When they first moved into their apartment, the homeowners decided to start a chair collection.
  • The open floor plan does not allow for a separate bedroom, so they've created a glass partition separating the bedroom and living area.
  • The highlight of the living area is the 38 feet of windows that expose the loft to Boston's cityscape.
  • The cabinetry also acts as room dividers in the open floor plan.
  • One of the best features of the apartment is the natural light.
  • Emmons wanted a palace-like look for the teeny space.
  • The classic fireplace with its corbels gives the feel of a woodsy chateau, but in a pop art kind of way.


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