Urban Style Living

Cities offer all the best of culture and a vibrant lifestyle. But when faced with minimal square footage, many homeowners extend an urban style to their tiny dwellings.

Modern Living

Don't tell these homeowners that small can't be spectacular. Check out slick urban style in New York; meet minimal in Chicago; tour a Boston loft and visit a tiny pop palace in Greenwich Village.

Andrew Suvalsky has created a very livable home and base for his growing design business. He has found a small apartment makes for efficient living. As he has no storage outside of the apartment, he is always editing. Organization and an elevated level of maintenance fit well with his orderly personality.

To keep a strong color from overwhelming a space or making it feel cold, break it up with a large piece of art. The curves of his couch and rounded coffee table make the room more dynamic without being kitschy or overdone. Throughout the apartment, vintage and organic materials are matched with modern, clean forms.


    • Libby Langdon, Designer, Libby Langdon Interior Design Website: www.libbylangdon.com
    • Jacob Ward, Managing Editor, Readymade Magazine Website: www.readymademag.com
    • Ron Marvin
      Interior Designer
      Website: www.ronmarvin.com
    • Riley Johndonnell
      Owner / Editor at Large, Surface Magazine
      Website: www.surfacemag.com
    • Craig Olsen
      Interior Designer, Bamboo Colony
      We apologize no contact information is available.
    • Andrew Suvalsky
      Interior Designer, Suvalsky Designs
      Website: www.Suvalskydesigns.com
    • Heather Wells
      Architect, Heather G. Wells, LTD.
      Website: www.hgwltd.com
    • Terry Emmons, Interior Designer
      Website: www.terryemmons.com
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