Mod Home Office

The Design on a Dime team has a big challenge: to give this cluttered home office a clean, modern aesthetic with some stylish storage solutions. See how they bring mod style and hidden storage for under $1,000.

Before: Messy Desk

Shevaz Freeman's cluttered home office is not working for her. She works from home and needs a lot of space in her home office for paperwork, work products and even her laundry. Her living room has bright contrasting colors and streamlined shapes, and she wants to carry that style into her office. Because she is open to anything, the Design on a Dime team comes up with a cool design that will fit her personality. They transform the office from cluttered to clean and hip with mod-inspired elements, including a unique desk, hip seating and funky artwork.

Shevaz's cluttered desk is crying out for organization and storage solutions. As a pharmaceutical sales rep, she has to store lots of specialty items in her office. The vibrant burnt orange wall shows that she's willing to experiment with color and contrast, but the other walls are a muted peachy color. The walls are bare except for a funky, colorful clock. The laundry basket in the corner is an eyesore, but she has nowhere else to put it.

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