Pirate Ship Backyard

An unused section of backyard is turned into a swashbuckling pirate ship.

After: Landlubbers No More

Jack and Cecily’s pirate ship is ready to set sail. Carpenter Matt Cosgrove and designer Val Thwing built a sturdy vessel the kids will enjoy for years to come. Construction starts by building a freestanding, 17-foot-long deck off the house. The bow and outrigger are then built to provide the ship’s structure. The ship is covered in wood-looking composite siding, which is perfect for this application because it is flexible enough to bend around the ship’s bow.

Both sides of the ship are adorned with swords, crests and a foam anchor hangs from the bow. The Jolly Roger flag hangs prominently from the 14-foot-tall mast to scare away any enemy pirates that may be lurking in the yard.

Makeover Information
lumber, paint, hardware, bars for brig: The Home Depot
lumber and hardware: TW Perry
pirate items: Century Novelty
water guns and swords: KB Toys
beards, eye patches, pirate costume: Genes Costumes
sail for ship: Overstock
telescope: Ranger Surplus
treasure chest: Sturgis Antiques
silly string and water guns: Target
beads, squirt rings and pirate goodies: Party Mania
anchor for ship: Nautical Supply Shop


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