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Trash to Treasure: Cooking Utensils

Sasha Andreev shows host Joan Steffend some creative uses for cooking utensils.

Memo Board
An old cookie sheet is repurposed into a kitchen memo board. If your cookie sheet has seen a lot of wear and tear, give it a coat of spray paint. Drill a couple of holes in the top and add some wire for hanging. Self-adhesive magnets purchased at a craft store are adhered to mini tart pans and cookie cutters to make decorative magnets.

Cheese Tray
Check out this whimsical way to serve cheese and appetizers. Holes are drilled into the corners of three cheese graters. Four rods are threaded through the drilled holes then secured with nuts.

Pot Stool
The base from a pre-existing stool and a large pot come together to make a unique kitchen seat. Scrap wood is fastened to the top of the base so the pot will fit snuggly. Epoxy could also be used to secure the cookware onto the stool base.


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