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Butterfly Christmas Tree Topper

Create a whimsical and unique Christmas tree topper using glittered butterflies.

Materials and Tools:

14" plastic foam cone
fine gold glitter
fine copper glitter
chunky copper glitter
thick brown craft paper
spray glue (such as Super 77)
clear tape
pre-wired, pre-glittered feather butterflies
copper-colored silk foliage
wire snips

Figure A


1. Cover plastic foam cone with a piece of thick brown craft paper, joining paper's edges together with clear tape. Cut off excess paper around cone's bottom (figure A).

Figure B

2. Mix gold and both copper glitters together. Spray glue onto cone and cover with glitter mixture (figure B).

Figure C

3. Using wire snips, cut a few smaller branches of copper-colored silk foliage away from the bunch. Hot glue branches to paper cone, starting at the bottom and working up (figure C).

Figure D

4. Roll the cone against a flat surface to help the silk foliage adhere better to the paper and to avoid pressing your hands against the hot glue (figure D). It's not necessary that every leaf make contact with the paper, bits of the foliage can stick out as desired.

Figure E

5. Hot glue butterflies to the paper cone, starting from the bottom and moving upward (figure E).

6. Finish by gluing one butterfly near the top of your paper cone. Remove plastic foam cone, which was in place primarily to help the paper cone hold its shape while the embellishments were applied.

7. Place finished paper cone on top of Christmas tree for a whimsical out-of-the-ordinary holiday decoration.

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