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Tips for Keeping Clean While Gardening

Master gardener Paul James suggests some great ways to stay clean during common gardening chores.

If you like to garden, you're naturally going to get dirty. But there are ways to minimize the muck. Master gardener Paul James suggests some great ways to stay clean while performing these common gardening chores:

Figure A


When you're using a weed trimmer, dust and debris can easily wind up all over your pants. To keep your legs from getting dirty, invest in chaps made just for this kind of work (figure A). They'll also help protect your legs from things like flying rocks and sticks (and rattlesnakes, too, according to the manufacturer).

Figure B

So what if you want to prevent the debris from getting thrown in the first place? This guard (figure B) is made just for weed trimmers and snaps on in a breeze.

And, if you spend any time on your knees while you're weeding and planting, you may want to invest in some knee pads.

Cleaning the mower

Cleaning the underside deck of a lawnmower with a blast from the hose is essential to keeping the blade in shape for cutting (the blast gets rid of weed seeds and fungal spores that cling to the clippings). But the job is a mess.

Figure C

This gadget (figure C) slides onto the deck.

Figure D

Just attach a hose fitting, fire up the hose and the mower, and in no time at all the job is done (figure D).

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