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Trash to Treasure: Compact Discs

Sasha Andreev shows host Joan Steffend some great ways to decorate with compact discs.

A stack of CDs are threaded onto an already-existing lamp base to make this modern-looking lamp. To make the stack more visually interesting, every three CDs are seperated by a washer.

Wall Hanging

Unused and discarded CDs are turned into a shiny wall hanging. Four holes are drilled into each CD then the CDs are linked together with book rings purchased at an office supply store. The links of CDs are hung from a bamboo rod or a tension rod could be used.

Small Accent Lamp

A plastic CD container is repurposed into a small accent lamp. The clear plastic top is decoupaged with blue tissue paper. A hole is drilled through the black bottom base. The spindle piece is removed then a small light fixture is threaded through the hole and the bulb is placed in the opening where the spindle used to be. The decoupage top is slipped over the light base. Instead of decoupage, any type of decorative paper could be used.


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