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Celebrate Autumn Banner

To add a festive touch to the picnic, create an expressive and colorful banner.

Materials and Tools

variety of felt fabric
sewing machine
buttons of different shapes
feathers of various shapes
sew on patches
ribbon or twine
pinking shears


1. Cut the felt into six-by-nine-inch rectangles.

2. Fold over one end 3/4-inch and stitch across, creating a pocket to slip the twine through (figure A). Note: This can be hand stitched if you don't have access to a sewing machine.

3. Decide which letters to use for the banner and cut them out of felt. Use complimentary colors to mix and match the letters with the colored squares. Be creative, make some letters using fall-shaped buttons. Sew the felt letters (figure B)

Or, sew buttons (figure C) onto the colored squares.

4. Use sew-on patches or autumn leaves cut from felt (figure D) to embellish felt letters.

5. After all the squares are decorated, spell the words for the banner. String ribbon or twine through all the panels to connect them and hang.

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