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How to Build a Leaf Collection System

Keep your surrounding yards straightened and organized with this leaf collection system.


medium or large hand truck
1/2-inch plywood
wood glue
2 screws
2 wing nuts
2 washers
galvanized finish nails
1x12 lumber
metal bracket
2 heavy duty metal hinges
6 bolts for hinges


1. The dimension of the system should be the width of the hand truck plus one inch on each side. The height will also be determined by the hand truck. In this project, they had 20-inch sides and a 14-inch bottom.

2. Cut the two sides and bottom from the 1x4. Assemble the frame using wood glue and galvanized finish nails. Additional lumber could be used to build a compartment for a rake and a shelf for gloves and a bottle of water.

3. Cover the frame with plywood, attaching with nails and glue.

4. Measure the height of the frame and drill two holes into the hand truck. Drill two holes into the frame at the same height so that screws can mount it onto the hand truck.

5. Cut the 1x12 piece to desired size for the hinged base. Use the heavy duty hinges to bolt the base to the plywood and frame (figure A).

6. Attach an L-shape bracket to the bottom of the leaf collection system that extends the width and secure (figure B), so it cradles the underside of the base when it is lowered.

7. Rest the leaf collection system against the hand truck and slip the two upper screws through the hand truck handle. Slide on the two washers and secure each screw with a wing nut (figure C).

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