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Warm and Inviting Living Room

Create a gathering space to keep the look and feel of autumn in sight on a daily basis with Countdown to Fall with Matt and Shari.

Fall Tip: Create a gathering space to keep the look and feel of autumn in sight on a daily basis.

This living room is already filled with warm colors, so it's important to add some fall-inspired accessories in accent colors that will compliment the existing walls and furniture. A few simple pillow covers can turn a silk summer pillow into a beautiful rich tapestry pillow. If you're using brushed fringe, pull the string that holds the fringe together out and fluff the fringe with your blow dryer. Add some birch branches above the fireplace and leaves to bookshelves to continue the fall theme.

Create an arrangement for the coffee table with a variety of vases filled with different fall-inspired items, like pistachio nuts, pine cones, candy corn and dried leaves. To help the arrangement stand out, tie three napkins together to form a runner.

To give the room a modern touch, which will still fit in flawlessly with the rest of the design, create a self-standing contemporary bookshelf. Get the step-by-step instructions for here.

Add some color to an empty wall with these framed autumn leaves.

Materials and Tools:

leaf template
variety of textured color papers
wood frames with glass fronts and backs


1. Draw and cut out a template of a leaf.
2. Place the template on the textured paper and trace with a pencil.
3. Use scissors to cut out the leaf.
4. Insert the leaf between two glass pieces.
5. Re-assemble the glass back into the frame and it's ready to hang.

Fall Tip: Keep the kitchen clean and uncluttered. Plus, incorporate subtle touches of fall to add style without overwhelming the countertops.

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