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How to Place Stones on Patio Columns

Give your home a new look by adding a stone veneer to your columns.

Materials and Tools:

manufactured stone
rubber mallet
powder-actuated nail gun
protective gloves


1. Wrap each column in lath, securing it to the column with mortar. Secure the lath with a powder-actuated nail gun. The gun fires blanks that embed the nails into surfaces.

2. For a flush surface, "sew" the edges of the lath with galvanized wire, using a simple backstitch.

3. Now put on a scratch coat — a layer of cement placed on top of the lath with a trowel.

4. Once the lath is completely covered, score the cement in a checkered pattern.

5. Add a thick bedding or footing of cement at the bottom of the column to support the weight of the stones that are about to be placed.

6. Start placing the stones on the column, adding more cement to the back of the stone. Start from the bottom of the column and work your way up. Each rock is a different size, so placement of the rocks depends on personal taste and space.

7. After all the stones are up, back-fill each seam with mortar.

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